July 23rd, 2013

A video piece from Jacob Elior Berkowitz of some walls I did recently...


June 9th, 2013
Steadily painting. With friends.


September 6th, 2012

I did some live painting for a fundraiser at Ada St. Restaurant benefiting the Chicago Urban Art Society. The evening was pretty chill and needless to say the food was awesome. I really appreciate everyone who supported this event. Video work by Nick Brazinsky.


April 9th, 2012, Catching up

Been steady busy through the winter this year. Recapping from the Fall...

I went to Detroit with a good friend to check out the city and do some painting. It was awesome. All the rumors you've heard about Detroit are true. The pictures you've seen, are just a snippet. It's such a contrast from anywhere else I've been. If you like painting on stuff, you'll love this city.

I was commissioned to do a large triptych for this year's Annual Hip Hop Block party hosted by WBEZ. These paintings have been donated to Chicago Public Libraries' Little Village branch.

I did a small interview with the FAB Crew for their blog. They have been good friends for a while, these guys put in work. I always love what they do.

I also recently had a show at The Silver Room here in Chicago. It's up until April 27th. I have some collage pieces, paintings, prints, and a large mural installation.

I also got to partner up with Gozamos, and my favorite baseball team, the Chicago White Sox, to create a piece celebrating their opening day. These calendars are all over the city, so grab one if you're a Sox fan.

I have some large mural projects underway, so I'll post pics as those things come to fruition. I'm definitely trying to push myself with that work to go bigger and harder. It's looking to be a busy summer...

November 21st, 2011, St. Louis

Thanks to Jenn Carter and Bryan Walsh of Aisle 1 gallery for hooking up this wall on Cherokee Street in St. Louis. And I have to give love to all the passers by who actually stopped to say "thank you".

October 7th, 2011 Own Chi

Proud to rep the neighborhood on this one. Thanks to Nike for the partnership. Goodluck to all the marathon runners...

October 4th 2011, Subsurface

I made my annual trip last month to Indianapolis to paint at the Subsurface jam, but this time I got to paint with Migue, who i hadn't painted with before. Very cool and talented painter/tattooer.

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August 20th, 2011 Louder than a bomb!

I recently created a backdrop for the production of Kevin Coval's Louder than a bomb youth poetry slam at the Victory Gardens Theater here in Chicago. I'm honored to have been included in the project. If you haven't seen any of the LTAB performances, I highly recommend it. There was also a documentary released last year that explains everything that has gone into this show, the lives of the youth who participate, why Kevin does what he does, etc. If by chance you are not familiar with Kevin Coval, let me just say that there are some artists whose passion exudes through their work. You can feel it their brushstrokes, hear it their voice, or see it in the way they walk. Kevin is one of these artists. As an amazingly talented poet, and humble and compassionate human being, he is one of those artists that makes me proud of Chicago.

I also answered some questions for Sixty Inches From Center recently, about some of the projects I've been working on, including Kevin's, and what Chicago has been up to.

August 11th, 2011 Simone's

I was honored to be commissioned by a neighborhood establishment, Simone's Bar, to paint the side of their building on 18th and Morgan. If you don't know, Pilsen has a rich history of murals (most of which no longer exist today). One of my former professors, Mario Castillo, did some really awesome work here in the late 60's. Though I've painted many graffiti walls here in Pilsen, I believe this was the first one I would consider a mural. The design was loosely based on flower pollenation. Anyway, it's a great location run by awesome people. I have to give thanks to the entire staff for keeping me hydrated, caffeinated, allebriarted, and fed. Big thanks to Analu Lopez, Dan Segar, and Peter Kepha for the photos.

August 4th, 2011 Collaboration with Chis Silva

Been having a really great summer so far, and painting a bunch of new wall/mural stuff. I was fortunate to collaborate with Chris Silva recently. Chris is an amazing artist, definitely influential to all graffiti writers of my generation, and continues to evolve and produce work like a madman. We freestyled everything, in the blistering heat, and the wall ended up turning out really different from what I thought it would be. Great experiment, and hopefuly we'll get to do another one before the year's over.

This time I just felt like doing something large with no letters. Didn't help that it rained everyday, and that i was standing in a pit full of water, but i like the way it came out for what it is. Will definitely be playing with this a little more.


June 22nd, 2011 La despedida y la saluda...

Goodbye's, hello's, spring to summer, change is around the corner. Banged out a quick one on fathers' day at one of my favorite chill spots.


May 23rd, 2011 Issue #14

The new Volume one is out, issue #14, which features some great quality work from writers around the world as usual. What I really like about this issue is that there are only thirteen artists featured in the entire magazine, so you get to see a bigger body of work from everyone (including myself). Kuaze asked me to do a top ten list on "things i love and hate about graffitti", so pick up the mag and check it out. Interviews with Mark Bode, Codak, and Soem.


May 17th, 2011 Shades of blue...

Exhaust, myself, Paser, and Beyond. We painted in the freezing rain literally all day, but the results were worth it, as always.


May 2nd, 2011 Guadalajara, Mexico

I was very fortunate and had the opportunity to revisit, and paint with EYOS crew (Evolve Your Own Style) of Guadalajara. These guys are so humble and have so mush style. Big thanks to Jonk, Genios, Klase, Ackar, Reload, Aosve and the homie Anime for the utmost hospitality. Spring has been dragging in Chicago, so it was great to be out painting in the sun again. Beer and paint is about half price in Mex, so that can only lead to good times...


April 5th, 2011 SIFC interiew

I did an interview with the collective/archive Sixty Inches From Center about graffiti and public art. They have a great website that documents, and interviews Chicago artists and advocates. There's a ton of art blogs and sites like this that focus on other cities, but I can't say I've seen on that is so consistent as this that focuses on Chicago. For being such a young organization, they definitely are making an effort to bring the Chicago artist community together, and fulfill the purpose of an archive. They are aiming high, so I'm sure you'll be hearing more from them. Definitely check out their site. www.sixtyinchesfromcenter.org

Like One interview


March 22nd, 2011 Con Ganas!

Thanks to Abraham at the Chicago Art Department, I got to spend some time in their screen printing studio and pulled these babies. The lack of vitamin D from this brutal winter inspired me to make something a little motivational. For those who don't speak Spanish, "Ganas" is a little hard to translate. It means, give it all you got; try your hardest; put your back into it; if you're gonna do it, do it right. Something along those lines. You can buy one in the store section.

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January 28th, 2011

I got to paint at an indoor bmx park with some of my favorite writers from the midwest; Sacred, Cents, and Gamble. I love what these guys do. They come correct every time.
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January 16th, 2010

The winter has me indoors a lot these days, so I've been drawing more. I did this one for my grandparents.


November 23rd, 2010

I'll be showing a couple pieces at The Chicago Urban Art Society for a group show themed around our soon to be out of office mayor, Richard M. Daley. Should be interesting.I'm not thinking of it as a tribute show, more like a "don't let the door hit your ass on the way out" kind of show...


November 20th, 2010 "Holding the Center"

Tried something a little different with this one. I've been wanting to to pieces that say messages or phrases as opposed to just my name. Tried a collage of techniques and styles. I guess you could say this is my "mash up" style. I made all the vowels orange. No real significance to the color orange, but I feel like the vowels are the soul of words. I just wanted to distinguish them. It was a lot fun and I'll definitely be dabbling with this style some more. I also collaborated with Casey Davidge, she did the mandala and universe. It was her first time using spray paint, and I think she did a great job. This is one of those walls that has so much detail, you really have to see it in person to fully take it in, 56th and State.........

October 17th, 2010 "They come, and they go"

I think painting in Chicago is what has made me a humble person. What's here one day can be gone the next. Just have to laugh it off.....and keep painting of course.


October 4th, 2010 Cycles are turning...

The seasons are changing, as well as other things in life. Home, people, travels, opportunities.....it's the shiftchange in full effect. I want to thank everyone who came out to "Step inside", as we said bye to my good friend Jova Duran. He'll be in Miami planting seeds, so I'll check up on him in a bit for updates. Thanks goes to Gozamos as well for always spotlighting our events. Here's a small interview with Jova and I. I was also happy to be invited by Estria to participate in a sketch show with people like Doc TC5, Apex, Katch and a ton more. Find out more about Estria and his events here.



On the simple steez...

Sept 21st, 2010 Meeting of Styles

Chicago hosted the Meeting Of Styles this past weekend, and I was honored to be a part of it as usual. Got to paint with some good friends, and had a great time. It rained pretty consistently the first day, so painting on a wet wall lead to a little more experimentation on my end. But I think the end result worked out fine.

Sept 16th, 2010 End of summer is here...

Some new work and some old, Jova and I will be trying to push some of those pieces that have sitting around the studio for a bit, so if there's something you've had your eye on, this is time to grab it. I'll be showing a 6'x8', 12 panel piece of some new stuff, and we'll have a select amount of new $10.00 pieces, so save them dollars. We will also be saying goodbye to my right hand man, Jova Duran, as he will be leaving us for the warm Miami sun. A celebration will be in tact.


Went to Subsurface 2010, a graffiti jam in Indianapolis every year put on by Cents and Sacred of IWS. Got to paint with my longtime friend and partner Flex. This guy is on another level in so many ways.

Sept 3rd, 2010 Updates!

I'm gonna start using this as my blog instead of theshiftchange.blogspot.com. Couple things to look out for:

--4 person, one night show with Jaci Pena, Jova Duran, Revise CMW, and yours truly Oct 2nd @The Beer Run Gallery.

--Revise CMW hotbox show in combination with Rengade Craft Fair Sept 11th and 12th, on Division. Its a gallery inside the back of a moving truck. Peep it.

--Subsurface Graffiti Jam, Indianpolis, IN, Sept 11th and 12th. Some of the best from the midwest like Cents, Sacred, Gamble, Rapes, Exhaust, Mines, and more. I'll be painting there as well.

--Just moved to a new studio/apt, so maybe a studio warming party?